Apartments 160.2m² and 181m²

3 Suites or Suite Voz 45m² 1 suite

Communal areas with design furniture

Two garages with option for 3rd box

Av Soledade 223 Petropolis

Delivery in December 2023

Apartments 160,2m² 3 suites or Voice Suite 45m² + 1 suite

Av Soledade 223 - Petrópolis

Up to 3 garage boxes

The waving marquise narrates in concrete the sound of the building, with a sensitive and gentle soul.
Eleone Prestes - Journalist

A voice brings it all close. With a voice, ideas acquire feelings. This is the relationship of S

At 223, Soledade Street, the dense treetops enclose a hideaway that reminds us of a suburban lifestyle, with tranquil days and cobblestone roads. This sought-after location is near parks, shops, schools and amenities.

Our gaze flirts with the long wave sculpted onto the façade. The light and organic contour of the front aspect revives the Brazilian modern architecture lines, and it structures the jagged mosaic of Corten steel that pays tribute to nature.

The path to fulfilment starts from the outside in, and it develops from inside out. That is how our voice comes to being.
Livia Varela - Yoga Instructor
The path to fulfilment starts from the outside in, and it develops from inside out. That is how our voice comes to being.
Livia Varela - Yoga Instructor

160,2m² private area. 3 ensuite bedrooms or 45m² Ensuite Bedroom Voz 1 ensuite bedroom. Toilet, family shower room, fireplace and barbecue grill. Up to 3 indoor parking spaces. Open floor plan with electrical and plumbing points ready for connection. Large windows with low sills in the living room and in the master bedroom. Motorised blinds in the bedrooms. High-performance, acoustic and thermal double glazing. Acoustic insulation throughout the whole unit. Independent generator supplying the building.



Final 01, option 3 suites

Final 01, option Voz Suite 1 suite

Final 02, option 3 suites

Final 02, Voz Suite 1 suite option


Units 401 and 402, total area 181.2m² (terrace 21.18m²)

Voice Suite

Couple Suite

For all tastes, we suggest different kitchen orientations making the most of the space and integration offered by the floor plans. You can also customize your own version and combine them with the variations of two or three suites in the intimate area.

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Artboard 1 copy 2
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We suggest different kitchen orientations, making the most of the space and of the open plan opportunities that the Voz floor plan offers, catering to all needs. You can also put your own stamp on it and match it with the two or three ensuite bedroom combinations for the accommodation area.


The communal areas are elevated to the third floor. The Foyer Voz has an interior design by Ingrid Stemmer and it has open, generous spaces so that sound fills it up and neighbours get together. There are open-plan, gourmet area, dining and living spaces. The furniture features Brazilian design icons, such as Aristeu Pires and Guilherme Wentz.

In the gardens, by landscape artist Susana Nedel, there are thick layers of native plants, to ensure privacy and to increase cosiness. The deck is inviting to sunbathe, after long strokes in the 25m-length, heated, swimming pool. The Montessori playroom, outdoor playground, ample lawn and a special corner for pets, are all features that enhance the communal area, as well as allowing for safe and secure, healthy spaces outside the home. The pet corner is an exclusive space for you to exercise and play with your pets, featuring purpose-made furniture and fenced safely so they can run freely and securely.

From the imposing grand piano, day-to-day melodies of integration resound into the space, with notes of communal living and a design symphony which is harmonious and balanced. If music unites, it is around a grand piano that neighbours and friends share spaces which are architecturally planned for happiness.

The Zen Space is silent: the minimalist architecture makes it mellow. An intimate spot ideal for yoga, Pilates and meditation. A massage table allows for home sessions with a masseuse/masseur, physiotherapist and other health and beauty professionals.

The view of the fitness room interlinks with the communal area gardens and the swimming pool deck. State-of-the-art equipment, such as treadmills and exercise bicycles, multi-purpose weight-lifting stations and individual-use equipment, encourage a lifestyle for a healthy body and mind.

It is with diversity that we create possibilities for each individual to find their own way of living and identifying with their own home.
Guilherme Wentz - Designer
It is with diversity that we create possibilities for each individual to find their own way of living and identifying with their own home.
Guilherme Wentz - Designer

The development has a great connection with the street due to the glass fence, which amplifies the permeability of the project with its surroundings. The gatehouse is hidden in the façade. Security is assimilated into the project in a discrete way, via the glass gate and the main entrance hall door. With the communal area on the third level, above two floors of garage space, the privacy of dwellers is reinforced, allowing for sweeping views of the city.


We borrow words from dear and respected friends, who, in their own way, transcribe their vision of architecture and voice. There is a bit of everything: technology, philosophy, history. Guilherme Wentz, Lívia Varella and Cynthia Geyer share their personal experiences with the fusion of their personal voices and their spaces. Geoffrey Colon, Microsoft director, gives us the lowdown on our inevitable relationships with voice assistants. Journalist Eleone Prestes, together with Ingrid Stemmer, transformed a café with lessons in sustainability.


The location of the site, in one of the most important streets of Petrópolis, challenged us to design a building that would provoke dialogue.

Roberto Stemmer, Project Director

We like to translate into visual symbols the elements that serve as references for those who live in the neighbourhood.

Carolina Petersen, architect

We can see in practice how this space is truly used on a daily basis by the residents, becoming a generous extension of the home.

Paulo H. Rodrigues, Executive Director

The sustainable solutions come from careful observation in these more than 30 years designing architecture and are already intrinsic to the project.

Ingrid Stemmer, project director

At Voz, the technology begins in the project and continues to relate to the resident because its floor plan was designed for advanced home automation.

Arthur Mendes, architect

The living areas of the Voz were elevated to the third floor. As a result, all the rooms have panoramic views and enhanced privacy from the street.

Paulo H. Rodrigues, Executive Director

When we invite the little ones to experience architecture in their own way, we believe that we contribute to the growth of healthier children.

Luciana Medeiros, architect

Taking care of the health of body and mind is an important habit that people have resigned, even within their homes.

Ingrid Stemmer, Executive Director


The view from the 14th floor reaches the complete panorama from Porto Alegre to Guaíba.


Ready to move in.


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