Exhibition Points of View

Exhibition Points of View

The exhibition Pontos de Vista, also converted into a photobook, is a photographic collection of gaucho authors and brings a poetic and abstract interpretation of each one's vision of the urban scenario of our cities. The curators are photographers Andrea Graiz and Maurício Thomsen, with the work of 20 participants selected from over 600 entries and 50,000 votes. The Ling Institute, in Porto Alegre, was the stage of the launch between 10 and 12 May, receiving over 500 visitors.

Gustavo Schattschneider
We are what we build

Alexandry Mazoni Barbosa
Immersed in Colors

Glauber Ribeiro
Iberê Minimalist

Bibiana Carapeços de Lima
Invisible details of the city

Pedro Antônio Heinrich

Rosangela Alvarenga
Multicolored Capital

Bruno Victorino da Silva

Andréa Seligman
Floor of Mirrors

Bruna Somavilla Kelling
Story of a life

Jane Rosana Cassol
Single eyes

Giordano Delazeri
Architectural Voyeurism

Eloana Antinolfi
The tones of autumn

Eduardo Teodoro

Jefrey Fortes de Oliveira
Calungas II

Pedro Felix
Viewing Notification

Fernanda Carvalho Garcia
Iberê's paradises

Bruno Alencastro
From the streets of Porto Alegre

Fabio Mariot
Central Area

Tiago Alves Antoniazzi
Skyline Center

Gerson Bohrer Seffrin
At station 2

With over 20 years of experience in photography, is Photo Reporter at Zero Hora Newspaper for 19 years, being in the last 7 years exclusive photographer of the social column. Has in her resume some awards in journalism photography, such as Vladimir Herzog, Human Rights.

Mauricio Thomsen is creator of GRAM, has created for Cavalera, Fruki, Bellavista, NEX Group, Aragäna, Morada dos Canyons. Suggested User of Instagram, awarded with honorable mentions in the iPhone Photography Awards 2015 and selected in the world festival of ultra-short films Art By Chance 2015 with the photographic series #TheAdventuresOfAmanda.

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